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Khela’s childhood passion for film and beauty naturally pushed her to study art and drama in her native California. Increasingly driven by her love of makeup, she began working for cosmetic companies where she strengthened her technique and product knowledge.

While simultaneously pursuing her career as an actress, she was landing make up gigs working with the industry’s foremost directors and talent on commercials and music videos. After accompanying a major music celebrity as a makeup artist on a worldwide tour, she decided to move to New York to pursue her career in the fashion industry.
Khela served as first assistant to Frank B. and Romy Soleimani, and worked regularly with top artists on couture, rtw, and men’s collections worldwide before starting her independent career.

In her work, she believes in combining meticulous attention to detail with an open and intuitive attitude. Having maintained strong ties to native Los Angeles and New York roots, Khela’s move to Paris provides her with a new perspective and approach to beauty, fashion, film and photography.



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