Carole Douard



Carole Douard is a freelance hair stylist based in Paris. She learned her skills by assisting the biggest names in the business. Now working independently, she contributes, together with photographers and stylists, to the creation of beautiful images in print and film, and for shows and events - all part of the vibrant contemporary scene in Paris and London. This Combination of talents has created some of the most thoughtful and beautiful images,
showcasing the immediate fashion trends of the moment. All the grace of youth culture is expressed with sensitivity and talent. Carole works with, amongst others- photographers Mehdi Sef, Mia Dabrowski, Bobby Buddy, Boris Ovini, Paul Rousteau and many others. She also works for brands such as Avoc, Lacoste, Lancel, Loewe, Sprung Frères and Vionnet.



Fashion / Kids / Advertising & Shows / Videos



Kiblind / Boris Ovini


Vision Magazine / Mehdi Sef